Welcome to KECD

We’re glad you found our site. This page will give you the latest news from our group. For further details about our group, English dance and its history, our marvelous location, our current dance schedule, and much more, please explore the site – just click on the tabs just below the pictures at the top of the page. Click here for info about joining our mailing list.

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Schedule update!

Just a heads-up, two of our callers recently discovered schedule glitches, but the good news is, they can simply switch dates! So, Rich Jackson will call for our next dance on April 18th and Miriam Newman will call on May 16th. They are both excellent callers, and we’re glad they were able to make the switch!

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Welcome, 2015!

Hi everyone!! Wondering what’s up for 2015? We’re making a few changes to the dance, in response to attendance levels that have been consistently just-slightly-lower-than-what’s-needed to remain solvent.

Biggest change – we will now hold a dance MONTHLY, and every dance will be preceded by a POTLUCK at 6:00 pm. Make a night of it – excellent food, company and dance once a month.

The first dance will be Saturday, January 17th, and it will be one of our “Homegrown Callers” nights; so… WE NEED VOLUNTEER CALLERS! Please respond here or contact Carol Ansel if you are interested in calling a couple of dances, and let us know which ones – we need to know before January 10th so we can get the music choices to Dawn and Bill. (PS – We would like to do another Homegrown on June 20th, pending enough willing callers).

The whole 2015 schedule will be coming out soon – stay tuned!

Thanks for dancing with us, and here’s to a happy, healthy, dance-filled coming year for all.

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And we’re off! (Fall dance season has begun)

We had a lovely potluck and dance on the 7th. Orly called some nice dances, and we got a lot of practice at 5-couple dances after the break, since that was just the number of couples we had. For those who wanted Carol’s “cheater” pie crust recipe, here it is:

Sift together 2 c. flour and 1 tsp. of salt. Measure 1/2 c. of vegetable oil and add 5 Tbsp cold water. Pour the water/oil into the flour, and stir with a fork until it forms a ball. Divide into two. Roll each crust out between 2 sheets of waxed paper, peel off top sheet of paper, invert, and place into pie plate. Remove 2nd sheet of paper.

From the Better Homes & Garden Cookbook

Hope to see you all on the dance floor – next dance is Sept. 20 with Miriam Newman.

Click here for this season’s schedule to print out for your fridge.

Fall 2014 Flier


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Vote for your favorite ice cream or sorbet for the July 12th Ice Cream Social!

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The Winter/Spring season has arrived

We now have a flier for the new season, with the first dance this Saturday, January 18th! Just click on “schedule“, and bookmark or print it out at your convenience.

There are also upcoming events that we’ll keep you posted about – if you’re interested in finding out about these events, make sure to click on “Special Events” up in the menu bar!

Here’s to another great season, see you all soon on the dance floor!

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One More Dance in Fall Schedule

The next dance, November 23rd, will be the last one in this session, but we will be posting the Winter/Spring schedule soon. We hope to see you on the 23rd. Remember, if you’re a relative newcomer and you’d like some reminders/explanations about the basic moves of English dance, visit this page. Hope to see you in December!

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Get your dancing shoes on!

Our first dance is coming up this Saturday (Sept. 14th), and the following week there is a special memorial dance for Helene Cornelius in Framingham, MA. Check out the Special Events page for details. Hope to see you soon!

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