Dance lists, Summer 2013 (Bonus!)

June 6, 2013

Called by: Kingston Volunteers (Carol Ansel, Walter Ansel, John Buscaglia, Dragan Gill, Lucia Watson, Paul Wilde)

Music by: Jean Monroe & Bill Ouimette

      • Sun Assembly (Dragan Gill)
      • Elizabeth (Carol Ansel)
      • Dublin Bay (Walter Ansel)
      • Well Hall (John Buscaglia)
      • Childgrove (Lucia Watson)
      • Wood Duck (Paul Wilde)

— Break (ice cream social!) —

      • Impropriety (Carol Ansel)
      • The Bishop (Walter Ansel)
      • Turning by Threes (John Buscaglia)
      • Lilliburlero (Dragan Gill)
      • Key to the Cellar (Paul Wilde)

July 13, 2013

[To be] Called by: Val Medve

Music by:

— Break —


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