Here are some related sites of interest:

The South Kingstown Land Trust
Country Dance and Song Society
Country Dance Society, Boston Centre
Wikipedia article on English Country Dance

And here are two sites recommended by our friend and caller, Mary Jones, illustrating some of the basic moves of English Country Dance:

1. Judi Rivkin’s animated English Country Dance Terms – 9 dance figures illustrated with animated cutout figures (with lovely music by Bare Necessities)

2. Regency (ECD) Dance Figures (YouTube videos) – 22 basic figures seen from above, danced by real people. Terminology is slightly different (e.g., “reel” instead of “hey”), but figures are the same — filmed in England.

Here is a link to a comprehensive listing of videos of English country dances available for viewing on the web

Lambertville Country Dancers – English Dance Videos on the Web

and CDSS’s Dance Video Archives (currently hosted by the Childgrove English Dancers of St. Louis)

Dance Video Archives

Note: While we by no means expect you to study up or practice between or before sessions, we know that some folks might feel more comfortable with some visual preview/review.

For those of you interested in the history of social dance (including, but not limited to, English country dance), as well as workshops, check out Susan de Guardiola’s site. She is an excellent teacher and workshop leader. This link leads to a specific post about Country dance in the time of Jane Austen.

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